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Salamander Stake Wiskers (Box of 500)

These Stake Wiskers (also know as Whiskers, Roosters, Stake Chasers, Bristle Flags) are ideal for quick, easy identification for survey and construction sites, reference points, stake markers, underground utilities, and so much more. The SALAMANDERĀ® brand is focused on providing professionals in the surveying, construction and industrial market with durable, all-environment, diverse, high-visibility products. Our marking systems are highly visible, long-lasting marking products for reference points, stake markers, underground utilities, and many other uses.  With available in bright APWA utility code colors, they are durable and cost-effective.

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Crocodile Machete by Martindale

The Crocodile CROC24 Machete is a long all-purpose machete with ergonomically weighted and stout straightback blade. Made from British steel that are hand rolled. Individually made by a hand rolling process from high quality British carbon steel, which makes the blades strong and durable.

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Salamander RHIV Robotic Dual Clamp Fiberglass Tripod with Large Head, Flo-Lime

The Salamander RHIVIZ is the first hi-vis heavy-duty composite tripod designed for all environments, ideal for robotic total stations and laser scanners or construction lasers where accuracy is important. Extends to 70" (180cm), collapses to 44.75" (114cm). Weighs 17.8 lb (8.1 kg).

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Cotton Gin Spikes

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