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DT8-05LP 5-Sec. Digital Theodolite, with Laser Plummet

DT8-05LP 5-second digital theodolite with laser plummet for centering of point. Simple, push button functions gives the user precise LCD digital readouts.

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Crocodile Machete by Martindale

The Crocodile CROC24 Machete is a long all-purpose machete with ergonomically weighted and stout straightback blade. Made from British steel that are hand rolled. Individually made by a hand rolling process from high quality British carbon steel, which makes the blades strong and durable.

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RS96 Stake Out Aid Foldable with Target Reflectors and Ruling Lines

Stake-out aids RS96 was developed specifically for stake-out work on the batter board and on a floor slab. Exact measuring of the survey point on the floor slab often causes major problems particularly in the “final phase” with the last 5-10 cm. The work is very time-consuming due to the continual side to side, backwards and forwards with the prism pole and the prism pole always has to be exactly plumb. Foldable stake-out aid is placed on the ground, and the assistant can use the measuring scales to reproduce and transfer the surveyor’s directions quickly and precisely.

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Cotton Gin Spikes

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